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Vandalism on Trail


Two speed limit signs recently installed along the Millennium Trail wetlands to better protect wildlife, have already been vandalized, and garbage is being left trailside.

The pair of 10-kilometre-an-hour signs had a large “x 5” spray painted in bright red beneath the number 10.

Dave Robinet, a local trail user and past president of the Rotary Club of Picton states it’s an obvious – and illegal – act of opposition to the reduction from 50 km/h.

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A Civic Affair

Wellington Times

By Chris Windfeld

Former PECI civics teacher takes you for a ride along the Millennium Trail, pre and post resurfacing.

My feet were getting bruised from the large stones and uneven ground as I jogged along the Millennium Trail. I needed to pass at least some of the slower moving students and staff, but the thorny brush made that impossible. It was the annual Terry Fox Run at the high school and I had foolishly challenged the students, agreeing to contribute a dollar for every student who finished ahead of me. There were over 600 students attending the high school at that time. I really needed to pass at least some of the students or face an enormous pledge. My feet took a long time to heal from that day. I turned to riding my bike instead.

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Maintaining the Trail

Barry Davidson for Wellington Times

The Trail Surface

Ready, set, go! The resurfacing of the Millennium Trail is completed now. More residents and visitors are enjoying it, particularly as a refuge from COVID-19 concerns. The Trail is all-purpose, to be enjoyed by walkers, cyclists, people in mobility devices, ATVers, dirt bikes and horseback riders. Where it goes through farm properties, farm equipment may cross it to access their fields and on the two golf courses, golf carts and golfers may cross the Trail to their holes.

A grateful user, Tory Wright, wrote to the PEC Trail Committee to say, “I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful Millennium Trail. I have been bush-walking that trail on my bike for the last 20 odd years. Every year has been better and better. I live in Wellington so the trail to Consecon was often impassable and especially so since the high water years. So it has been a delight to get up in the early hours and ride to the end of the trail, through the lake and on to Consecon … what a privilege to see all the wildlife and have a private view of the country.”

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Millennium Trail resurfacing complete

Wellington Times

by George Amaro

The dream is a reality.

The resurfacing of the Millennium Trail, which began when kt misener of the Bloomfield Bicycle Company proposed it to the Rotary Club of Wellington in the fall of 2011, was completed on June 12. All 46 kilometres of it, from Carrying Place in the west to County Road 49 in the east.

“The Millennium Trail is now a true County infrastructure gem,” said Patrick Maloney, the Chair of the PEC Trails Committee (PECTC) and Vice Chair of the Ad Hoc Trail Upgrade Committee (AHTUC). “We hope that every single resident uses it and takes great pride in it.”

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The Wetlands

Trails Committee Newsletter

The weather this weekend is looking great for Brushing of the final section of the Trail. When the volunteer teams are done, the trucks and rollers will finish the surface, and then,the aspirations of a 46 km Prince Edward County linear park will be realized, due to your help.

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What a turnout!

Trails Committee Newsletter

Thanks to the efforts of everyone who came out and brushed, we have completed the Wellington Section, brushing 11 km in record time.

What’s next: Two volunteers, experienced in the use of pole saws will begin cutting the overhanging trees, first in the Wetlands section, and then Wellington. This cutting is necessary to allow the dump trucks to lift their beds up in order to deposit the gravel on the Trail.

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Trail ToR Amendments sought

Picton Gazette

Prince Edward County Council has referred a report of the Community Development Department back to staff in order to work further with the Prince Edward County Trails Committee to incorporate suggested amendments.

PEC Trails Committee, along with the Ad-Hoc Committee to Upgrade the Millennium Trail, have been involved in the refurbishment and maintenance of the Millennium Trail for about three years.

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Millennium Trail enforcement leads to charges

Picton Gazette

Members of the Ontario Provincial Police’s East Region SAVE (Snowmobile, ATV, Vessel Enforcement) Unit were in Prince Edward County on Saturday to conduct general patrol enforcement on the Millennium Trail.

Officers checked a dozen ATVs, interacted with approximately 50 cyclists and a few runners using the Trail. The officers also conducted a RIDE Program (Reduce Impaired Driving Everywhere) check in Wellington.

As a result of the enforcement, the officers on the trail issued one Trespass to Property Act charge, one fail to have chin strap fastened (helmet) and one licence plate violation. At the RIDE check one seatbelt violation was issued and a Roadside Screening Device was administered with a pass as a result.

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