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Story book walk

September 2, 2022 – The Wellington Rotary Club had an official opening of the Story Book Walk at the Millennium Trail, led by Rotarian Linda Donville, and constructed by Rotarian Ted Nash.

More from the Wellington Times here

Discovering the trail

Wellington Times

You can read the reporting by the Wellington Times of Pat Maloney’s presentation to the Prince Edward County Horticultural Society covering the works and progress made in past four years. Image and story courtesy of Wellington Times  here 

Riding with the animals

Wellington Times

The first of two Join our HERD! events to be held in Prince Edward County took place on Sunday afternoon. In an idea dreamed up by Krista Dalby, artistic director with The Department of Illumination, the fun began with an outdoor workshop in Benson Park where the idea was for people and bicycles to transform into animals for the afternoon. The theme involved recycled materials, mostly cardboard, where piles of decorated tails and ears and eyes were waiting to take on new life.

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8 Wing Training on Trail


Members representing the 8 Wing CFB Trenton Aircraft Salvage and Recovery team were participating in a training exercise on the Millennium Trail, Thursday.

During a quick stop in Bloomfield, Sgt. Petey Danger, supervisor of ATESS Aircraft Recovery and Salvage, said the team – with members from several units and squadrons from 8 Wing – was travelling from Consecon to Picton. ATESS (Aerospace and Telecommunications Engineering Support Squadron) provides specialized engineering, training and production services in support of worldwide air force operations.

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The Barry Davidson project

Wellington Times

For the first decade or so, it seemed just another expensive blunder by the newly amalgamated municipality. In 1997 it had acquired a 46-kilometre-long rope of liability stretched across the landscape from Carrying Place to Picton. Despite paying $100,000 for the former railway line, Shire Hall had no more money and little ambition for its Millennium trophy.

And then Barry Davidson took on the challenge …

…

Walking with Thunder – walk #2

Picton Gazette

BEST PALS Conrad Beaubien and Thunder the donkey walked their second trek on Wednesday for ‘Walking with Thunder’, a monthly walk on the Millennium Trail from Oct. 2020 to May 2021 to raise funds for assist artists, artisans, field naturalists and others set in their practices to creatively invent opportunities for small, safe and welcoming gatherings in studios, work settings and outdoors.

…

Walking with Thunder – walk #1

Wellington Times

Anyone walking the Millennium Trail near Consecon recently may have done a double take. Happening upon a donkey isn’t an everyday occurrence, but on an overcast, and at times showery, October day, Hiller artist and storyteller Conrad Beaubien could be seen in the company of Thunder the donkey. Walking side-by-side, Beaubien and Thunder were followed, in Pied Piper fashion, by a small, safely-distanced, contingent of invited attendees for the launch of a unique project.

…

Vandalism on Trail


Two speed limit signs recently installed along the Millennium Trail wetlands to better protect wildlife, have already been vandalized, and garbage is being left trailside.

The pair of 10-kilometre-an-hour signs had a large “x 5” spray painted in bright red beneath the number 10.

Dave Robinet, a local trail user and past president of the Rotary Club of Picton states it’s an obvious – and illegal – act of opposition to the reduction from 50 km/h.

…

A Civic Affair

Wellington Times

By Chris Windfeld

Former PECI civics teacher takes you for a ride along the Millennium Trail, pre and post resurfacing.

My feet were getting bruised from the large stones and uneven ground as I jogged along the Millennium Trail. I needed to pass at least some of the slower moving students and staff, but the thorny brush made that impossible. It was the annual Terry Fox Run at the high school and I had foolishly challenged the students, agreeing to contribute a dollar for every student who finished ahead of me. There were over 600 students attending the high school at that time. I really needed to pass at least some of the students or face an enormous pledge. My feet took a long time to heal from that day. I turned to riding my bike instead.

…

Maintaining the Trail

Barry Davidson for Wellington Times

The Trail Surface

Ready, set, go! The resurfacing of the Millennium Trail is completed now. More residents and visitors are enjoying it, particularly as a refuge from COVID-19 concerns. The Trail is all-purpose, to be enjoyed by walkers, cyclists, people in mobility devices, ATVers, dirt bikes and horseback riders. Where it goes through farm properties, farm equipment may cross it to access their fields and on the two golf courses, golf carts and golfers may cross the Trail to their holes.

A grateful user, Tory Wright, wrote to the PEC Trail Committee to say, “I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful Millennium Trail. I have been bush-walking that trail on my bike for the last 20 odd years. Every year has been better and better. I live in Wellington so the trail to Consecon was often impassable and especially so since the high water years. So it has been a delight to get up in the early hours and ride to the end of the trail, through the lake and on to Consecon … what a privilege to see all the wildlife and have a private view of the country.”

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