The principal access points to the trail – the trailheads – are planned for 5+ locations at present. Each trailhead will (we hope) have signposting, interpretive materials, limited parking spaces, washrooms and resting points.

Construction of the trailhead facilities will be completed in 2020/2021.

Planned Trailhead Locations

  • Salem Road in Consecon
  • Station Road in Hillier
  • West Street in Wellington [construction complete]
  • Stanley Street in Bloomfield
  • Lake Street in Picton [design complete]
  • County Road 49 in Picton

Trailhead Kiosks

Wellington kiosk – Photo Credit: George Amaro

Wellington kiosk – Photo Credit: George Amaro

November 2020 – Next two sites approved

The Wellington kiosk will serve as a model for the design/construction of kiosks at other trailheads.

Station Road, Hillier – Trailhead area plan

Salem Road, Consecon – Trailhead area plan

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