Who do you call?

If a tree or tree branch is blocking the Trail please call PEC County Customer Service at 613-476-2148 during normal working hours. For AFTER Hours, Weekends and Holidays, call 613-476-6505.

If you feel that there is a section of the Trail that is posing a danger to Trail users, for instance, serious erosion or significant potholes or broken/missing boards on a bridge that might cause someone to fall or injure themselves please call PEC County Customer Service at 613-476-2148 during normal working hours and report the location and description.

If you are confronted with dogs off leash or wildlife that are acting strangely and again, you feel that this situation poses a risk to Trail users, please call Customer Service at 613-476-2148, and report the incident noting the location or you may call the By-law officer directly at 613-476-7666.

If you see any vehicles on the Trail (that do not denote County, Hydro One or Trail Volunteer Maintenance), such as cars or trucks that are illegally using the Trail please note the time and location, and the description of the illegal vehicle, if possible taking a picture or noting the licence plate number and call the OPP at 1 (888) 310-1122 to report this. It would help if you would also report this to the County Customer Service as all calls are logged for review.

If you live near or use a section of the Trail and witness repeated instances of speeding of vehicles such as dirt or electric bikes or ATVS please report this to both County Customer Service and to the OPP as per the phone numbers above.

No hunting is allowed on the Trail so if you see anyone that appears to be engaging in hunting please call the Conservation Officer at 519-437-0483 and also please report this to County Customer Service, again noting as many details as possible.

If you see an ATV or a dirt bike on the Trail that does not display a proper licence, or if the rider is not wearing a helmet, this can be reported to the Conservation Officer of the MNR at 519-437-0483, again noting as many details as possible.

If you see anyone that appears to be acting in a reckless manner that might cause injury to themselves or to others please report this to the OPP at 1-888-310-1122. An example of this might be someone riding on the Trail who appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol or someone who is acting aggressively towards other Trail users, or engaging in reckless driving such as “doing wheelies”.

We hope that we have covered the issues that might occur but if you have any concerns, the Millennium Trail belongs to PEC and you can always call County Customer Service and report your concerns.

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