The County’s official tourism website has an information page which provides information on the trail as a tourism asset – Everything You Need to Know about the Millennium Trail . About a quarter of the way down that page you can find listings of what’s near different sections of the Trail.

Our frequently asked questions – developed from users’ questions – is a great place to read much more about the who, what, when, and why of the Millennium Trail.

First questions – Where does the trail go, and what’s near the trail?
 A   Google maps is your answer – right here

Where does the Trail start?
 A   Kilometre 0 is at Fort Kente Road at the West end of County Road 64 in Carrying Place [map link] 

Can I use unauthorized entry points on the Trail?
 A   You are required to stay on the trail and not engage in off-trail riding causing damage or widening of trails.

Where does the Trail end?
 A   Kilometre 44 is at Hwy 49 by White Chapel Rd. Just north of Picton [map link] 

Is the Trail paved?
 A   No. The surface is compacted crushed limestone screenings. We have just finished a three year project to resurface this 46 Kilometre linear park.

Where are the wetlands?
 A   Both the Hubbs Creek marsh and the Slab Creek swamp are provincially-designated wetlands between Station Road and Danforth Road in Hillier.

Who can use the Trail?
 A   It is a multiuser Trail available to Mobility Devices, Walkers, Runners, Cyclists, Horse & rider, Farm Tractors, ATVs, Snowmobiles, and authorized Service Vehicles.

Who cannot use the Trail?
 A   Motorised Vehicles such as Cars, Trucks, Vans and Motorcycles.

Can I ride an ATV on the trail?
 A   Yes if you have a license and are insured.

How far is it from Picton to Wellington?
 A   It’s approximately 18 kilometres.

Is the Trail groomed in winter?
 A   The snowmobilers groom the Trail in Winter.

Can I ride an ATV in the winter on the groomed trail?
 A   ATVs are not allowed when snow is on the Trail.

Is there parking for vehicles with trailers anywhere?
 A   Parking is available in Carrying Place at the Sports Complex at County Road 64 & Hwy 33 [map link]  and on Upper Lake Street in Picton [map link] 

What is the condition of the Trail?
 A   It is in good condition having been recently resurfaced [June 2020].

Do dogs need to be on a leash?
 A   Yes!

Where can I park my vehicle to use the Trail?
 A   Parking is available at four launch sites, where the Trail intersects with the following roads: 1. Salem Rd., Consecon, 2. West St., Wellington, 3. Station Rd., Hillier, and 4. at Whitechapel Road on Hwy 49 just north of the Picton Golf Course. At each of these sites, you will find an information kiosk with a bench, picnic table, and a seasonal washroom (May to mid-November). Parking is free but limited.

In addition, parking is also available at these nearby locations.
1. Westfall Memorial Park, 2525 Cty Rd. 64, Carrying Place. Distance from Trail: 1.5 km where Trail meets Fort Kente Rd.
2. Mill Pond Park, 17 Brick St., Bloomfield. Distance from the Trail: 300 metres where the Trail crosses Stanley St., Bloomfield.

Parking may be permitted on residential streets within Picton but be sure to check the signs carefully to ensure that you are legally parked.

Are there toilets on the Trail?
 A   Seasonal toilets (May to mid-November) are available at all of the Trail Launch sites and Public Parks.

Can I charge up my electric wheelchair anywhere on the Trail?
 A   Not at this point in time.

Can I ride a dirt bike on the trail?
 A   Check with applicable ByLaws .

How long is the Trail?
 A   Approximately 46 Kilometres which includes the Picton spur line.

What are the hours of operation?
 A   7am to 11pm.

Who enforces the Trail Bylaw?
 A   As appropriate, elements of the Bylaw are enforced by the OPP, County Bylaw Officers, and Provincial MNR officers.

There is a tree branch on the Trail. Who do I contact?
 A   Call the County at 613-476-2148 during normal working hours. For AFTER Hours, Weekends and Holidays, use 613-476-6505.

What to do if you see a car on the trail?
 A   Take a picture of the Licence Plate and report it to the OPP at 1 (888) 310-1122.

How do I become a friend of the Millennium Trail?
 A   Email us at info@pectrails.ca

Who do I call if I have a problem on the Trail?
 A   The OPP at 1 (888) 310-1122.
 A   The County at 613-476-2148 during normal working hours. For AFTER Hours, Weekends and Holidays, use 613-476-6505.

What to do when an off-leash dog attacks me or my on-leash dog?
 A   Incident should be reported to the Canine bylaw people right away with details. Bylaw enforcement: 613 476 7666. Useful/Relevant information from the County’s web site here and here.

Still looking for answers?

Contact us with your questions, or go a little deeper and look at our Who do you call? page.

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