Final touches

Over the past week our Trail volunteers have been busy, inspecting their sections, and reporting back on conditions. Paul Greer generously donated limestone screening and this Thursday, November 5th, volunteers met at Greer’s to pick up screening material and head out on ATVs, armed with shovels and work gloves. The aim was to fill depressions, and potholes, and smoothing over ruts that have appeared after a very busy season. Again, thank you for taking all that you were able to… Read More

====\\ DeRAIL temporary public art

A community-engaged, site-specific, temporary, public art program animates a western section of the Millennium Trail with Conrad Beaubien and Krista Dalby / The Department of Illumination. The program takes place during the slower tourism months, October 2020 to May 2021. Conrad Beaubien’s meditative monthly walks with a donkey, and The Department of Illumination’s celebratory bike parade in Spring, both invite audiences to pause, to listen, to observe, and to consider how we might think differently about this unique, shared public… Read More

Coming (back) soon

Observant trail users will have noticed that our wonderful signs are missing! One in Bloomfield and one near the mill in Consecon. But that’s only a temporary situation while they are being restored pro bono by Britney at Quinte Paint . The originals were created by PELC, and Lori Farrington there gave us permission to use the logo. Read More

Be aware and stay safe

The municipality is encouraging Millennium Trail users to safely enjoy the fall foliage this year. During this time of year, farm machinery is moving more frequently across the trail due to the harvest. It can be challenging for farmers to see trail users because the cab of the tractor is set back from the front of the machine. Both farmers and trail users should use extreme caution around these crossings. The County has issued a safety advisory to trail users…. Read More

Grass cutting on Trail this weekend

Grass cutting will begin at 8 am on Friday, August 14. The work is expected to continue on August 17-18. The contractor will start at the Picton/County Road 49 end of the trail and proceed west along the entire length of the trail. Noise levels will be elevated when grass cutting is taking place. The municipality regularly monitors the trail and applies treatment when necessary to ensure that noxious plants such as wild parsnip, giant hogweed, and poison ivy do… Read More

Ambassador Program launched

At a meeting of socially-distanced Friends of the Millennium Trail and PEC Trails committee members in Wellington Park, the ambassador program was officially launched. This special opportunity to help out is made even more exciting with a stunning Fall Fashion wear 🙂 identifying you as a volunteer. Read More

Caution on the trail

Exercise caution when riding the Trail making sure to keep speed in check, as stops on short notice may be necessary. There are numerous crossings for farmers to pull farm equipment to fields, and farmers cannot quickly stop. It is up to Trail users to pay attention to all Trail crossings. Read More

Happy Birthday, Barry

Barry Davidson – the moving force behind the trail renovation and upgrade – got a unique birthday present. Barry wrote ‘I just received this picture as a gift from one of our daughters. It is entitled “Millennium Trail”, acrylic on canvas by Jonas McCann who has relatives in the County.’ Read More