The Trail – via Google Maps

Carrying Place (k0-k6) Canal to where M. trail meets Loyalist Parkway. (near k6, not right at it)

Consecon (k6-k12) From where the trail crosses the Loyalist Parkway to Palmer Burris Rd.

Hillier/Slab Creek (k12-k19) – you miss 1 K (in the wet middle) Palmer Burris Rd to Danforth Rd.

Wellington West (k19-k24) – Danforth Rd. to Wharf St. where The Drake Hotel is and on the trail where the Kiosk is.

Wellington East (k24-k29) – Wharf St. to Loyalist Parkway.

Bloomfield West (k29-k33) – Loyalist Parkway to Wesley Acres Rd.

Bloomfield East (k33-k39) – Wesley Acres to Sandy Hook Rd.

Picton North-West (k39-k44) – Sandy Hook Rd. to Highway 49 (end of trail)

Picton Central (P0-2) – Sandy Hook to Lake St. including the short connector to Upper Lake St.

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