Ambassador Program

The Adopt-A-Trail Ambassador Program

Originally conceived back in 2018, the Ambassador Program was launched at an August 11, 2020 meeting of Friends of the Millennium Trail and PEC Trails Committee members. When fully developed, the program will have volunteer Ambassadors assigned to sections of the trail which they frequently use.

Ambassadors would:

1. Be the eyes and ears of the Millennium Trail – aware of issues pertaining to accessibility, hazards, and complaints but also opportunities, events and enriching experiences that are special to the Trail. Keep PEC Trails Board informed of these so we can inform all Members.

2. Walk or ride the Trail with an eye for simple maintenance tasks as follows:

  • Cut or break back small tree branches and vines that obstruct passage, as a rule – keep the Trail clear up to a height of 8 feet and a trail width of 8 feet. Allow overhead canopy to grow.
  • If small tree branches or brush has fallen onto the Trail, throw these to the sides into the rough, a distance of over three feet from the edge of the Trail.
  • The Trail is generally free of garbage but if this is an issue, consider walking with a bag and gloves once in a while to pick up garbage and recyclables. Organize or help lead a Trash Bash in conjunction with PEC (once this resumes).
  • Report any serious maintenance issues, such as fallen trees, deep ruts and others, including bridge maintenance requirements to Shire Hall, 613-476-2148.

3. Learn to identify the dangerous invasive weeds such as Wild Parsnip and Giant Hogweed, and report sightings as follows: Take a picture and note the location and email this to and to or if you prefer, there is an app that you can download from NOTE: DO NOT TAKE CUTTINGS of these plants or attempt to remove without training.

4. Keep vegetation trimmed around signs so they are visible from a distance (unless the vegetation is the aforementioned noxious weeds.) Note that the mowing of the grasses and vegetation alongside the Trail is the responsibility of the County.

5. Wildlife sightings are important as these are being mapped – so please note any, and if possible take a picture (a turtle, frog etc.) while simply report other sightings (deer, coyote, foxes and more) by email to amy.bodman. This information will be complementary to information from our Wildlife Survey.

6. Consider liaising with your local councillor(s). These officials are often unable to use the Trail and are unaware of happenings and issues and most will gladly want to be informed. Whether it is a special upcoming event or a safety issue, you can always contact them with a simple email. Councillor email addresses can be found at

These are suggestions, and are completely at your discretion. For instance, you might like to take note of branches, and then put together a small work party, appropriately dressed for work, with pruners and gloves and go back and trim branches. You are a volunteer, and we are most grateful for your support.

Ambassadors at work

Bob Broad plus the dog, Chris Windfeld with the bike, and the Spencer family.

NOTE: The Trail is the property of Prince Edward County and the County is responsible for mowing the sides of the Trail to a distance of THREE FEET on either side of the (8’ wide) Trail.

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