The County’s official tourism website has an information page which provides information on the trail as a tourism asset – Everything You Need to Know about the Millennium Trail. About a quarter of the way down that page you can find listings of what’s near different sections of the Trail.

Our frequently asked questions – developed from users’ questions – is a great place to read much more about the who, what, when, and why of the Millennium Trail.

First questions – Where does the trail go, and what’s near the trail?
 A   Google maps is your answer – right here

Where does the Trail start?
 A   Kilometre 0 is at Fort Kente Road at the West end of County Road 64 in Carrying Place [map link] 

Where does the Trail end?
 A   Kilometre 44 is at Hwy 49 by White Chapel Rd. Just north of Picton [map link] 

Is the Trail paved?
 A   No. The surface is compacted crushed limestone screenings. We have just finished a three year project to resurface this 46 Kilometre linear park.

Where are the wetlands?
 A   Both the Hubbs Creek marsh and the Slab Creek swamp are provincially-designated wetlands between Station Road and Danforth Road in Hillier.

Who can use the Trail?
 A   It is a multiuser Trail available to Mobility Devices, Walkers, Runners, Cyclists, Horse & rider, Farm Tractors, ATVs, Snowmobiles, and authorized Service Vehicles.

Who cannot use the Trail?
 A   Motorised Vehicles such as Cars, Trucks, Vans and Motorcycles.

Can I ride an ATV on the trail?
 A   Yes if you have a license and are insured.

How far is it from Picton to Wellington?
 A   It’s approximately 18 kilometres.

Is the Trail groomed in winter?
 A   The snowmobilers groom the Trail in Winter.

Can I ride an ATV in the winter on the groomed trail?
 A   ATVs are not allowed when snow is on the Trail.

Is there parking for vehicles with trailers anywhere?
 A   Parking is available in Carrying Place at the Sports Complex at County Road 64 & Hwy 33 [map link]  and on Upper Lake Street in Picton [map link] 

What is the condition of the Trail?
 A   It is in good condition having been recently resurfaced [June 2020].

Do dogs need to be on a leash?
 A   Yes!

Where can I park my vehicle to use the Trail?
 A   There will be Parking at the Rest areas in Picton, Bloomfield, Wellington, Hillier, Salem Road and at the Sports Complex at County Road 49 & Hwy 33 in Carrying Place in 2020/21.

Are there toilets on the Trail?
 A   There is one at the Wellington Rest area with more to come when the other Rest Areas (trailheads) are finished in 2021/22.

Can I charge up my electric wheelchair anywhere on the Trail?
 A   Not at this point in time.

Can I ride a dirt bike on the trail?
 A   Yes if you have insurance & are licensed.

How long is the Trail?
 A   Approximately 46 Kilometres which includes the Picton spur line.

What are the hours of operation?
 A   7am to 11pm.

Who enforces the Trail Bylaw?
 A   As appropriate, elements of the Bylaw are enforced by the OPP, County Bylaw Officers, and Provincial MNR officers.

There is a tree branch on the Trail. Who do I contact?
 A   Call the County at 613-476-2148 during normal working hours. For AFTER Hours, Weekends and Holidays, use 613-476-6505.

What to do if you see a car on the trail?
 A   Take a picture of the Licence Plate and report it to the OPP at 1 (888) 310-1122.

How do I become a friend of the Millennium Trail?
 A   Email us at info@pectrails.ca

Who do I call if I have a problem on the Trail?
 A   The OPP at 1 (888) 310-1122.
 A   The County at 613-476-2148 during normal working hours. For AFTER Hours, Weekends and Holidays, use 613-476-6505.

What to do when an off-leash dog attacks me or my on-leash dog?
 A   Incident should be reported to the Canine bylaw people right away with details. Bylaw enforcement: 613 476 7666. Useful/Relevant information from the County’s web site here and here.

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