Almost there …

The Wetland crossing(s) work in progesss in December 2019. Images provided by Conrad Beaubien © all rights reserved.

Raising the Trail

Work commenced as soon as the weather permitted in November. Tons of gravel were used to raise the height of the Trail through the Wetlands, with the aim of keeping the surface above flooding in the Spring. A large culvert was placed to allow for water to go beneath the Trail, and to allow for the safe passage of frogs and turtles. A grader followed, and finally, a large roller, but there is more work left for the Spring, when a six inch substrate will be added to the top of the Trail, in the Wetlands and in the 11 km stretch through Wellington. The work ceased due to the snow and ice, but as soon as the weather permits, the top substrate will be added, and rolled.

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