Trail Builder Award

To the Prince Edward County Trails Committee From Ontario Trails Council Well done everybody! Trail Builder Awards are given to member organizations in recognition for their efforts in completing and opening a section or sections of the Trillium Trail Network; for special and unique activities on a section or sections of the Trillium Trail Network which included the use of volunteers, user groups and the general public; and/ or for raising positive media attention to a section(s)of the Trillium Trail… Read More


There are lots of interesting things to see along the trail. Giant Hogweed and Wild Parsnip aren’t interesting. They’re highly dangerous. Leave them alone. To learn more about giant hogweed – click here  To learn more about wild parsnip – click here  Read More

June Challenge

The County has proclaimed June for a month-long transportation challenge. The Silver Chain Challenge is an annual event that invites municipalities across Eastern Ontario to engage in a friendly competition from June 1 through June 30 to inspire and promote a more active lifestyle. Read the County’s proclamation here. Full details of this month-long event can be found at  Read More

Trailheads Update

Construction for the Hillier (Station Road) and Consecon (Salem Road) trailheads including kiosks based on the successful Wellington model will begin soon. The planned construction for these trailheads can be seen here for Hillier and here for Consecon. Read More

Trail Damage

This week we were informed by several Trail users of on-going acts involving large machinery in lands abutting the Trail. A letter was sent to the officials who might have jurisdiction or an interest in the Provincially Significant Wetlands that surround the Trail. An excerpt from the letter and some relevant images can be found here >>. To date, PEC Trails has been informed that inspectors from three different regulatory bodies will visit the site to see if any of… Read More

A place to rest!

Trevor Smith of Consecon is the skilled carpenter who has generously donated his time and talent to the building of two benches for the two new Staging Areas. Our thanks to Trevor for this outstanding job. Later this year, these will be installed in kiosks, alongside graveled parking lots at the Station Rd. and Salem Rd. crossings. There will be a large Trail Map, local interest items, and a new shade tree. Read More