Trail User survey [2020]

Take part in our 2020 three-season trail user survey. Not the human users, but the wildlife that use the trail.

The Hubbs Creek and Slab Creek sections of the Millennium Trail are set to be resurfaced with an additional 6 inches of limestone screening as soon as the County allows the work to be done. In the meantime, members of the PEC Trails committee and PECFN are interested in trying to get a better understanding of how animals are using the trail, especially in the spring, summer and fall seasons – until things freeze up and the snow falls. We could use your help! For more information, please read the Millennium Trail Wetland Monitoring Request for complete details of how to take part as many times as you want!

Image credit: Ramesh Pooran

And here’s an old friend.

Blandings Turtle spotted on the trail at Hubbs Creek on April 14 [2020]. This turtle has clearly been in a collision and been repaired and rereleased, probably repaired at Sandy Pines. It could well be the one that Dave Nixon released at Hubbs Creek off the Millennium Trail in the summer of 2016. He had found the turtle hit by a car on County Rd 2 right near the headwaters of Hubbs Creek and rushed it to Sandy Pines. After the turtle was rehabilitated, he released it off the trail because it is the same wetland.

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