Maintaining the Trail

Barry Davidson for Wellington Times

The Trail Surface

Ready, set, go! The resurfacing of the Millennium Trail is completed now. More residents and visitors are enjoying it, particularly as a refuge from COVID-19 concerns. The Trail is all-purpose, to be enjoyed by walkers, cyclists, people in mobility devices, ATVers, dirt bikes and horseback riders. Where it goes through farm properties, farm equipment may cross it to access their fields and on the two golf courses, golf carts and golfers may cross the Trail to their holes.

A grateful user, Tory Wright, wrote to the PEC Trail Committee to say, “I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful Millennium Trail. I have been bush-walking that trail on my bike for the last 20 odd years. Every year has been better and better. I live in Wellington so the trail to Consecon was often impassable and especially so since the high water years. So it has been a delight to get up in the early hours and ride to the end of the trail, through the lake and on to Consecon … what a privilege to see all the wildlife and have a private view of the country.”

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