Ontario Trails Council – Bill 23 Response

The Ontario Trails Council (OTC) – of which we are members – is a charity that promotes the development, preservation, management and use of recreational trails and trail based activities in Ontario. OTC has written to Minister Steve Clark to voice concerns with regard to Bill 23 and the potential for a negative impact on Trail systems. A copy of this letter was sent to PEC Trails. The Millennium Trail Committee endorses those views. If you wish to learn more,… Read More

Civic Award

Mayor Steve Ferguson presented Civic Recognition Awards to Barry Davidson, Judy Kent, Adam Engel, and Christopher Moore at council’s meeting Tuesday. Davidson was awarded for being the “driving force” in upgrading the Millennium Trail. Read More

Millennium Trail – Terry Sprague

The Millennium Trail – a Trail for all Seasons with Terry Sprague. Presentation for the PEC Field Naturalists. Terry Sprague is a naturalist who lives on Big Island. His weekly columns on nature appeared in local newspapers for 50 years. He has held positions at Glenora Fisheries Research and as an interpretive naturalist at both Sandbanks Provincial Park (8 yrs.) and Quinte Conservation (17 yrs.).   He is recipient of the 2002 Pioneer Conservationist Award from Conservation Ontario, the 2004 Richards… Read More

Volunteer Appreciation Day

The date was Sept 27th at Karlo Estates. It was an excellent turn out of approx. 35 people. We had four draws for bottles of wine sponsored by Pedego PEC and presented by Sherry Karlo. Snacks and non alcoholic drinks were served. It was a good mix of maintenance volunteers, the gardening group, and our supporters. Everybody had a schmoozing great time. Four of our Board members and both of the Donors for the Hillier site and the Consecon site… Read More

Tree Planting

Sixty two trees planted this morning on the section of the Trail east of Wesley Acres Rd., both sides of the Trail, Seven different species of trees, deciduous and conifer. Our thanks to Cody Lowe (seen here) and Albert Paschkowiak, Operational Services, Prince Edward County who made this possible. Volunteer Karen Mouck lent a hand. Read More

Hillier Station nears completion

The pollinator garden is being groomed for the celebration by Barry Davidson, Lise Bois, Steve O’Brien, Kathy Bondi and Ursula Cattelan under the aegis of the PEC Horticultural Society. Preparations for the September 12 official opening of the Hillier Station are now completed. Well done everybody. Read More