Time for a haircut?

The County has advised that they will be mowing the sides of the Trail in about one month’s time. The roadside mowing program is about to start up and they will be doing the work in-house again this year. That strategy will allow the County to do the trail sides once they have completed the first round of roadsides.

Discovering the trail

Wellington Times

You can read the reporting by the Wellington Times of Pat Maloney’s presentation to the Prince Edward County Horticultural Society covering the works and progress made in past four years. Image and story courtesy of Wellington Times  here 

Spring Clean-up

While you were away … you might have missed this!

There were two tractors on the trail, cutting back brush on the side. They have done a great job; not much debris on the trail. The trail was in great shape by Picton.

Full story on the County’s web site here .

Invasive species – watch & report

Wild Parsnip is but one of the many invasive species that grow along the Trail. If you or your pet come in contact with this plant, a severe skin reaction may result.

The County is asking residents to help map invasive species. We encourage our Trail users to engage in this on-line survey. For more information please visit Have Your Say.

April Brushing on Trail

The County will be working on the Trail Tuesday, April 5th, weather permitting, starting at Highway 49 and heading west. The work period may span two weeks and will involve the use of heavy mechanical equipment, so please steer clear if you see them on the Trail. The cutting of brush will extend a distance of about 3 feet past the gravel surface.

What’s different in 2022? In previous years this work was contracted out, but this year it is County staff who are working hard to keep the Trail clear of obstructions.

Walking with Thunder on Family Day

Monday, February 21, 1:00 pm

Through the Hillier Wetlands … West and North

Meet at 1:00 pm where Closson Road intersects with the Millennium trail near Old Danforth Road in Hillier. Parking is very limited – try car-pooling.

All weather. Covid guidelines. Pets not recommended.

Winter Hillier

Slab Creek just south of the Hillier Kiosk in mid-afternoon. No vehicles, no other people, very pale sky with only the sounds of geese arguing about how to line up and/or where to go for more sunshine.

Consecon Kiosk

This bicycle repair station on Salem Road is located at one of the busiest kiosks because it is on Highway 33 in Consecon.

It is the third installation along the Trail with the other ones being at Hillier and Wellington.

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