Hydro enviro-project nears completion

As part of its commitment to the environment, Hydro One is protecting, enhancing and creating pollinator habitat on lands they manage, including electrical transmission line rights-of-way.

In the past two years, as part of restoration alongside the Millennium Trail, Hydro sowed pollinators along their right of way abutting the Millennium Trail from the west edge of Picton G&CC, behind The Wellings, and then south and west to Johnson Street.

Established field with Black Eyed Susans and New England Asters

Later this year they will complete the trail-side installation of three educational/informational signs.

You can preview the signs here.

Volunteer Meeting

On Thursday, October 7th the Trails Committee and Volunteers gathered in Wellington Park to hear from various committee members on successes from the past year and plans for next year’s successes (we hope). A crowd of almost 40 people were in attendance, including invited Councillor Ernie Margetson and County staff member Albert Paschkowiak, Environmental Services and Sustainability Supervisor.

There were some lively exchanges among Trail Committee members and volunteers with many good ideas offered for the near future of the trail.

Thanks for coming.

Greg walks the trail – in one day!

Greg Gannon is a kinesiologist who is a keen cyclist and walker. Last Saturday he walked the Millennium Trail, starting at km 0 at 6:15 am and ending at CR49 and Parson’s Brewery for a pint, 8 hours later.

Along the way he enjoyed the benefits of the Rest Areas as he came to them. He said that the Trail was in great condition.

End-to-end – from Colleen Hill

My friends, Carol and Margaret and I walked the entire beautiful Millennium Trail here in the County. It is a total of 46 km. and we walked sections of 2-3 km at a time, except for yesterday when we completed the last 7 km of trail! Lots of conversation, camaraderie and enjoying the varied scenery.

Our journey began in May, then we took a hiatus during the hot summer months and completed it yesterday in perfect weather. We walked from the end in Picton to the beginning in Carrying Place (hence the photo at marker ‘0’). The other photo yesterday was picturesque – of a single old houseboat anchored near Weller’s Bay.

This former railroad trail is very well-maintained by an MT committee of dedicated volunteers and has bicycle repair stops and port-a potties here and there. It goes by two golf clubs, by vistas of Lake Ontario, many wetlands, farmlands, wineries, breweries, an outdoor theatre, and homes/housing developments. We observed swans, horses, hens, turtle eggs, many birds with their lovely birdsongs and a fox (from afar). We met walkers, cyclists, ATV folks and lots of dogs for Carol to meet and greet!

The whole thing was good-for-the-soul during this pandemic. Our purpose, besides fitness and opportunities to chat, was to make a donation for each km walked to:

Breast Cancer Awareness
Bladder Cancer Awareness
The Millenium Trail.

Mission accomplished!

Next year, perhaps we’ll do it as part of ‘Hike for Hospice’ here in Picton.

Join our HERD!

The Department of Illumination invites you to Join our HERD! We’re hosting two outdoor events where you can help us create a joyful herd of bicycle beasts and then parade them along the Millennium Trail!

PICTON, Sunday September 12, 1-4:30 PM. Starts at Benson Park with our Herd Celebration at Parsons Brewing Company.

CONSECON, Sunday September 19, 1-4:30 PM. Starts at Salem Road/Hwy 33, with our Herd Celebration at Honey House Café, Consecon.

Limited tickets are available for these events. Full details here 

Slab Creek

Slab Creek is spectacular at this time of year, and the interpretive sign really adds to the experience. Don’t miss it!

Image provided courtesy of Nappo

All of the trail’s interpretive signboards can be seen here

Hillier progress report

Image provided courtesy of Nappo

The kiosk on Station Road in Hillier. Still to come are the planting of a suitable shade tree, interior imagery such as area historical and cultural information, a wetlands map, and a plaque celebrating all the donors who helped fund the Trail and make it what it is today.

Add in a picnic table, bike repair stand, and a ‘garden’ which the PEC Horticultural Society will build and the ‘station name’ sign and our volunteers get some rest before they move on to the next scheduled major project – the Salem Road kiosk in Consecon.

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