Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaners clockwise from behind the ATV: Bob Broad, Ken Vaillencourt, Ryan Vaillencourt, Ernie Zeitz, Dave Beaumont, Steve Bell.

Come back soon and see more images of the Spring Vine festival.

A place to rest!

Trevor Smith of Consecon is the skilled carpenter who has generously donated his time and talent to the building of two benches for the two new Staging Areas. Our thanks to Trevor for this outstanding job.

Later this year, these will be installed in kiosks, alongside graveled parking lots at the Station Rd. and Salem Rd. crossings. There will be a large Trail Map, local interest items, and a new shade tree.

Final touches

Image courtesy Ron Waslenko

Over the past week our Trail volunteers have been busy, inspecting their sections, and reporting back on conditions. Paul Greer generously donated limestone screening and this Thursday, November 5th, volunteers met at Greer’s to pick up screening material and head out on ATVs, armed with shovels and work gloves. The aim was to fill depressions, and potholes, and smoothing over ruts that have appeared after a very busy season.

Again, thank you for taking all that you were able to do on Thursday. We received numerous emails from people who expressed their gratitude to you for the work.

Special thanks to our ATVers – Ken Vaillancourt, Steve Bell, Ron Waslenko, and Dave Robinet – for getting the screenings out to where it was needed.

====\\ DeRAIL temporary public art

A community-engaged, site-specific, temporary, public art program animates a western section of the Millennium Trail with Conrad Beaubien and Krista Dalby / The Department of Illumination.

The program takes place during the slower tourism months, October 2020 to May 2021. Conrad Beaubien’s meditative monthly walks with a donkey, and The Department of Illumination’s celebratory bike parade in Spring, both invite audiences to pause, to listen, to observe, and to consider how we might think differently about this unique, shared public landscape beyond its usual function as a movement corridor.

DeRAIL Press Release [pdf]

[image credits – Natalie Stone for ====\\DeRAIL 2020]

Coming (back) soon

Observant trail users will have noticed that our wonderful signs are missing! One in Bloomfield and one near the mill in Consecon. But that’s only a temporary situation while they are being restored pro bono by Britney at Quinte Paint .

The originals were created by PELC, and Lori Farrington there gave us permission to use the logo.

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