Join our HERD!

The Department of Illumination invites you to Join our HERD! We’re hosting two outdoor events where you can help us create a joyful herd of bicycle beasts and then parade them along the Millennium Trail!

PICTON, Sunday September 12, 1-4:30 PM. Starts at Benson Park with our Herd Celebration at Parsons Brewing Company.

CONSECON, Sunday September 19, 1-4:30 PM. Starts at Salem Road/Hwy 33, with our Herd Celebration at Honey House Café, Consecon.

Limited tickets are available for these events. Full details here 

Slab Creek

Slab Creek is spectacular at this time of year, and the interpretive sign really adds to the experience. Don’t miss it!

Image provided courtesy of Nappo

All of the trail’s interpretive signboards can be seen here

Hillier progress report

Image provided courtesy of Nappo

The kiosk on Station Road in Hillier. Still to come are the planting of a suitable shade tree, interior imagery such as area historical and cultural information, a wetlands map, and a plaque celebrating all the donors who helped fund the Trail and make it what it is today.

Add in a picnic table, bike repair stand, and a ‘garden’ which the PEC Horticultural Society will build and the ‘station name’ sign and our volunteers get some rest before they move on to the next scheduled major project – the Salem Road kiosk in Consecon.

10000 Steps

The Millennium Trail was popular for those who took part in the tenth annual ride/walk/run/whatever fund-raiser for PEC Hospice. Shown above at the Picton end of the trail, Dave Smith and friends – 2-legged and 4-legged.

More details at CountyLive – click here.

Hillier update

The partially completed kiosk at Hillier. Thank you to our dedicated team of volunteers.

Work is on-going. The washroom is in place at this site. What a sense of accomplishment as we continue to improve the Trail.

There are always volunteer opportunities. If you would like to help, just contact us.

Trail Builder Award

Click to see large versionTo the Prince Edward County Trails Committee

From Ontario Trails Council

Well done everybody!

Trail Builder Awards are given to member organizations in recognition for their efforts in completing and opening a section or sections of the Trillium Trail Network; for special and unique activities on a section or sections of the Trillium Trail Network which included the use of volunteers, user groups and the general public; and/ or for raising positive media attention to a section(s)of the Trillium Trail and trails in general; and/or for creative and special fund raising events for development of a section of the Trillium Trail Network; and/or for unique and special trail related communications initiatives.

Click to see larger version


Giant Hogweed

Wild Parsnip

There are lots of interesting things to see along the trail. Giant Hogweed and Wild Parsnip aren’t interesting. They’re highly dangerous. Leave them alone.

To learn more about giant hogweed – click here 

To learn more about wild parsnip – click here 

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